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Dare to be Different: What Matters is Your Opinion

My Socio 10 class has been reaaally helpful in validating all my thoughts about society. Haha. I’ve had a lot of thoughts, realizations, and concerns about society ever since I was young, and it’s great how we’re discussing these matters in Socio 10!

Some thoughts from the latest lecture:

Society is malleable. We can reconfigure it.

Everything is socially constructed. As kids, we were given “rules” to conform to. But we have the option whether to follow them or not. What’s crucial is that whether we follow the social constructs or not, it should make us a better person.

From my Socio 10 prof: “Sabi nga ni Nietzsche: Hindi mahalaga kung sa tingin ng mga tao, masama siya o mabuti siya. Wala naman talagang absolute morality. People can never really absolutely say that something that you did is completely moral and completely immoral. And because there is no essential morality, we could say that the ultimate standard should be whether what you do makes you a better person or not - in your opinion, OR in the opinion of those people whom you allow to have opinions about your life.”

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Reality is Relative; Revolution is Inevitable

When something seems too good to be true, people would reject it and would say “be realistic.” When we encounter something we, or people close to us, have never done before, we automatically assume and believe that it can’t be done.

But what really is ”reality”? Maybe we all have different realities. Maybe we define what WE can do. Maybe we define our own limits. Maybe, just maybe, we define our reality.

Just because something is different from what’s usual or common, does NOT automatically mean that it’s illegitimate or wrong. Come to think of it, if people from the past had stuck to the “realities” of their present times, people wouldn’t be able to fly through airplanes. There wouldn’t be cars, no computers, no internet. None of the high-end technologies that we have right now would’ve existed if people had chosen to believe the “realities” imposed by society during their times.

The only constant thing in this world is change. It’s cliche, but it’s absolutely true. What would usually not be accepted a thousand years ago would no longer be an issue now.

If you tell people from the 16th century that you know how to communicate with someone from across the world in an instant, they would have ridiculed you and regarded you as crazy. If you showed them that it were actually possible (e.g. video chatting), they would’ve probably thought of it as sorcery or witchcraft and you would’ve been mobbed. Why? Because they would NOT have understood. They couldn’t comprehend how it would be possible because they’re not used to it - because it’s something NEW and UNFAMILIAR to them. 

What’s funny is that up until today, this sort of thing still happens. Brilliant and revolutionary ideas are still often disregarded as they seem to go against what we’ve been used to. We are still so confined by the reality that our society dictates. We refuse to look beyond what our eyes can’t see.

It’s funny how change is everywhere yet most are not open to embrace it. Funny how people become blind followers sticking to society’s norms without even fully understanding the system. without even seeing the flaw in the system, and without realizing how they’re unconsciously going into slavery. People are giving up their unlimited potentials for something seemingly “stable” but very limited - something they couldn’t even own.

But then again, I guess that’s how society really works. There will always be different levels and roles. Each person would have his own thing to contribute to society. It all depends on what he chooses.

So here’s the bottomline: Just because something is different from YOUR reality doesn’t mean that it’s not real or that it’s wrong (or that it’s sorcery haha). You can’t judge something you don’t understand.

You can stick to your reality all you want, but I’m definitely sticking to mine. Because i’m not going to settle for something “realistic.” I’m not going to compromise my goals and dreams for some reality that the society is trying to impose. I know that it can be done, because i know that I can do it. And I tell you, within 3-5 years’ time, I will have done it.


*I know that this is a very incoherent post hahaha but whatever. Writing to express.*

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It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
Aristotle Onassis